Lush’s Halloween Collection Is So Spooky Good, I Want It All

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I love Lush and I am a bit of a fanatic for those Lush bath bombs and soaps. So, when I heard that Lush is launching a Halloween Collection, I had to look and trust me it’s so good, it’s spooky!

Credit: Lush

Mark your calendars because On September 13, yes, Friday the 13th – Lush will be releasing its annual collection of Halloween products.

The Halloween line includes 12 limited-edition items and prices range between $6.45 and $49.95.

I can already seeing my paycheck going right out the window because these are EPIC and I want it all.

Everything from Pumpkin gift sets containing 3 different Halloween bath bombs.

To glow-in-the-dark ghost soap.

With so many adorably creepy and cool Halloween items, how can you just choose one?

The answer to that is that you don’t. You get them all.

Pumpkin spice lip scrub — YES PLEASE!

And if you want a little of it all, get this Little Box of Horrors set.

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