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McDonald’s is Releasing A Special Grimace Birthday Meal That Comes with A Purple Shake

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Looks like June will be the month of celebrations. From Pride Month to celebrating Grimace’s Birthday, it’s going to be one colorful and tasty month.

Rumors have it, that McDonald’s will be releasing a special Grimace Birthday Meal complete with a purple shake.

According to reports, the meal will include your choice of either a Big Mac or 10pc McNuggets, French Fries, and an all-new purple “Grimace Shake”.

Photo credit: McDonald’s/mnmtwinz

What flavor will the purple shake be?

Some reports say, it will be mixed berry flavored (according to confident comments from McDonald’s employees).

Others are saying it will be a vanilla flavored shake dyed purple.

I think the mixed berry flavor sounds YUMMY!

When will McDonald’s sell Grimace’s Birthday Meal?

According to reports, Grimace’s Birthday Meal will be available at participating McDonald’s locations beginning June 12, 2023.

How much will the Grimace Birthday Meal cost?

No official word has been given from McDonald’s yet but the rumor is, the meal will cost $10.

So, what do you think? Will you be trying the new meal?


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