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You Can Get These Mickey Mouse Oven Mitts To Make Your Baking Magical

You can bake in magical Disney style with these Mickey Mouse Oven Mitts that are shaped just like Mickey Gloves.

Courtesy of Amazon

You BEST BELIEVE I will be adding these to my Disney kitchen!

They will be joining my Mickey Mouse Slow Cooker, my Mickey Mouse Cupcake Holder, my Mickey Mouse Corn Holders, and my Mickey Mouse Measuring Cups.

Courtesy of ShopDisney

These gloves are made of silicone, to prevent the heat from transferring to your hands as you take your hot dishes out of the oven.

Courtesy of Amazon

The oven gloves are made with flexible heat-resistant food safe silicone and have a non-slip grip.

Courtesy of Amazon

You get BOTH the Right and Left Mickey Gloves for twenty five bucks! That’s AMAZING in the world of Disney kitchenware.

Courtesy of Amazon

These cute gloves get a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the Amazon website, with over fifty reviews!

Courtesy of GY on Amazon Customer Reviews

These are OFFICIALLY licensed by the Disney company, so you KNOW they are good quality, and TRUE Disney. If you have ever bought “off” Disney Products, you know what I mean!

Courtesy of GY on Amazon Customer Reviews

You can get these Disney Mickey Mouse Glove Mitts right on the Amazon website! And, if you have Amazon Prime, you KNOW they ship for free!

Courtesy of Amazon

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