Minute Maid Released A New Blue Raspberry Drink and My Life Is Complete

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Minute Maid has never failed to satisfy my taste buds and I don’t think they are going to any time soon because they just released a New Blue Raspberry Drink!!

Courtesy of the Coca Cola Company

Personally, I’m a sucker for lemonade at anytime of the day. Whether it’s a bright sunny day or it’s freezing outside, I’m always in the mood for that crisp taste of Lemonade. It just hits the spot every time!


Most recently, Minute Maid has just released a new blue drink that I am dying try out! However there’s a catch, the drink is currently limited in retail stores and has yet to have a widespread release!


Even though the new drink is technically out in stores, Minute Maid has yet to officially come out with any specific details regarding the drink.


Also, McDonalds has a similar flavor on their menu, except this drink is in the form of a slushy!

It’s called the Minute Maid Blue Raspberry slushy. So who knows, maybe they’re similar in taste!


The new flavor originally was announced in 2019 and has just now hit a few shelves in 2020, but like I said, this drink is limited; so get it while you can!


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