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Mother Takes Off On A Plane Accidentally Leaving Her Baby At The Airport And I Don’t Understand

I really have no words.

So, a mother left her baby at an airport (allegedly). She boarded a plane, got nice and comfortable in her seat, and the plane took off.

I mean … is that something you just forget?

The mother, whose name we don’t know, was on a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight bound for Kuala Lampur when she happened to notice her baby wasn’t with her.

Mid flight, she started telling the cabin crew that she left her bundle of joy sitting at King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

The baby was left, hanging out in the boarding area.

I have so many questions.

Of course, the first question being HOW DO YOU LEAVE YOUR BABY AT THE AIRPORT?

I mean, she went through the whole ritual of getting on the plane, strapping herself in the seat, and leaving the fricking airport by way of the sky.

How distracted was she?

Did the ground crew not notice an infant left alone at the gate?

That must be one quiet baby to not grab the attention of personnel.

This caused all sorts of commotion between the flight crew and ground control. They had to make the decision to turn the plane, I’m guessing full of people, back to its original destination.

In a now viral video, the plane can be heard talking to the ATC operators from where they took off. You can listen as the ground personnel, confused, asks, “Sir, confirm. You are returning back to (the) gate?”

The ATC operators were left scrambling to figure if there was protocol for such a strange request. They didn’t know exactly how to handle the mom’s mistake. Eventually, the plane was allowed to come back to the departing airport.

Kudos to the pilot for showing such compassion, and making the hard decision to turn the entire plane around for this unusual “emergency.”

But, again I have to scratch my head and ask, HOW DO YOU LEAVE YOUR CHILD BEHIND AT AN AIRPORT?

You can watch the video below and decide for yourself.


Sunday 8th of August 2021

Disgusting!! Throw that woman in prison!!

Norma Lopez

Friday 16th of July 2021

Well I have a similar incident one time I took my 1 month old baby to the clinic and then I left the baby with the nurse and I went to get an appointment at the counter then I get out the building get into the bus when I was at least 10 minutes away I put my arms on top of my belly then I realize that I’m not pregnant no more and remember that I leave my baby girl with the nurse, I get down the bus and I take another bus to go back then I get to the clinic and the nurse was there taking to my baby then she said she just wake up and I was taking to her she is a good baby … off curse I don’t mention nothing to her I say thank you for watching my baby then I get my baby and walk away so nervous and start to cry I also say sorry to my baby and hug her and kiss her. Things happen and that doesn’t mean I’m a bad mom I just have to many problems and I was alone trying to raise 7 kids alone my daddy’s baby go away when I was 3 months pregnant… but I’m happy my baby girl is 22 years old now and she’s a professional she’s a partner with her boyfriend in a solar Panel Company and she’s very successful and happy. I thanks God that I have all my 7 kids and I raise them buy myself and they are a great man’s and woman’s .


Friday 16th of July 2021

My Mom an Dad left me at the airport once. But only I was 18 an being sent to boot camp. Later on they told me they just laughed an laughed all the way home.


Thursday 15th of July 2021

My mom and dad forgot me at a daycare center when I was a baby (1968)! They had left me, my older sister and older brother there while out with friends and when they came to pick us up, my mom said my brother and sister ran up to them all excited that they scooped them up and left.... half way home, my mom screamed "We forgot Claudia!" so they drove back and got me. I was an infant and still in the crib - so I guess it was my fault! HA HA! Needless to say, I NEVER let my parents forget that story and they owe me for life!


Thursday 15th of July 2021

That's just fng ridiculous...not to mention inconceivable!! I cannot imagine leaving ur baby behind...and actually forgetting ur innocent, helpless infant behind. OMG!