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Turns Out, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Aren’t Going Anywhere After All. Here’s What We Know.

Good news! Mr. Potato Head, one of my favorite toys from my childhood isn’t actually going anywhere and neither is Mrs. Potato Head.


The iconic duo will still be available and remain under the names they’ve always had. Let me tell you what is actually happening.

Hasbro is officially renaming the ‘Mr. Potato Head’ BRAND to simply ‘Potato Head’ to cover the entire line of Potato Head products.

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This fall Hasbro ‘Potato Head’ will be launching a ‘Create Your Potato head Family’. This will give people the ability to create their own Potato Head family in any way that they want.


It will come with 2 large potato bodies, 1 small potato body. There will also be 42 accessories for creating the potato family that YOU want to create.

Children, and adults, can mix and match the parts and pieces any way that they like.


If you still want Mr. Potato Head, and Mrs. Potato Head, they will totally still be available.


The ‘Create Your Potato Head Family’ is compatible with most of the standard Potato Head products. Everything is geared towards ages 2 and up.

I saw that there was some confusion about Mr. Potato Head, people actually think he didn’t come out until Toy Story. This is simply not true, Mr. Potato Head has been a loved toy for nearly 70 years now!

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