Musical Rooms

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Ahhhhh here we go again rearranging rooms… we decided that husband did need to be downstairs in the office/playroom so that we could have the guest room back… of course, my cousins are coming tomorrow… so the room needs to be sort of ready to go! We have been pulling the bed BACK out of the storage shed and all the sheets and stuff BACK out of the linen closet to get it ready for their arrival! AHHHH! I just need to haul the lamp back upstairs and they should be okay for the next couple of days 🙂 I am kinda sad though… because it means I am moving my flamingo collection back upstairs… well…. maybe I won’t… I mean…. I do love seeing them down here every day… haha that means we have flamingoes in almost every room… the embossed chalk frame in our room, the puppet in Hal’s room, the bedspread and lamp in the guest room, the bookends in the living room, the collection in the office.. haha! I wonder if I have any in the kitchen? If not… I guess I will have to fix that!

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