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NASA Invented A Necklace That Reminds You To Not Touch Your Face

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Leave it to NASA to come up with a cool little device, called the PULSE, that can remind us not to touch our faces — truly a problem of mine.

Courtesy of NASA

This PULSE necklace is 3D printed, and has the technology to buzz or vibrate when we are about to go in for touchdown on our face. It’s like a little nudge that reminds you to keep your hand off your facial area.

Courtesy of NASA

As health officials advised the world to continue washing our hands, social distancing, and wearing a face mask when going outside, a team of three at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) developed PULSE, to stand side-by-side with these efforts to keep us as healthy as possible.


In other words, this device is a cool reminder that we shouldn’t be touching our faces, but it does not take the place of handwashing, wearing a mask, and social distancing. They are meant to go hand in hand.

Now, unfortunately, these aren’t available to buy. You might be sayin, “What?!? What’s the point, then.”

NASA has provided a sort of template for others to recreate the necklace. They have provided the information on Open Source, which I think means it’s free of charge.

Courtesy of Nasa

We hope individuals or companies will replicate, refine or enhance PULSE and make it easily available for distribution.


This would be GREAT for someone with any kind of entrepreneurial spirit to grasp onto, and run! I know that I would pay someone to make one for me.

See PULSE in action below.

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