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Walmart is Selling Lisa Frank School Supplies So We Can Relive The 90s

Look, it has been a long time since I’ve been in school but I don’t care, I’ll use these for my business papers…

Lisa Frank

Walmart is selling Lisa Frank School Supplies and OMG I Need them all!! We can relive the 90s baby!!

Walmart really wants to take us down memory lane because they are selling all sorts of colorful and fun Lisa Frank School Supplies including notebooks, folders, pencils and even binders!

People that are finding these in-store say they are adorable and they are selling out FAST!

Walmart is selling these online but there are more options in-store.

Prices start at $0.97 (folders) and go up to $10.00 for the bundle. You’ll want to run, not walk to your local Walmart to grab these before they are gone.

Ahhhh I am so excited, and I NEED them all!

You can order some of the Lisa Frank School Supplies Online Here.

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