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I Just Watched Nicholas Cage’s New Netflix Series and I’m Pretty Sure My Ears Are Bleeding

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Whatever you do – put the kids to bed tonight and get ready to Binge Netflix tonight!! Just make it happen!


In case you haven’t heard, Nicholas Cage hosts a new Netflix Series and OMG I am pretty sure my ears are bleeding lol!


The new Netflix series is called History of Swear Words and you are in for one wild and informative ride!!


If you think this show is just some boring time line of history on where swear words came to be, think again.

This show is informative, hysterical but most of all, it is RANK!

Seriously, do not, under any circumstance watch this with kids nearby.

I mean, the first episode is titled “F***” and trust me, the first 3 seconds of the episode drop at least 10 F-bombs.


Honestly, it’s probably the show that helps us express how we all feel inside right now. I sort of wish I had a soundproof room I could go into and just scream every curse word under the sun.

Ya know, just let it all out.

Oh and get this – it is informative.

It shows where these curse words originated and their evolvement over time to be different meanings and expressions.

Did you know that you are actually stronger when you swear? This series mentions it but I looked it up and it’s totally true! My mind is BLOWN!

So, if you are looking for something new to watch on Netflix, let it be History of Swear Words. Each episode is around 20 minutes long so you could totally watch it in one night.

Just come prepared and know that you are going to hear more swear words than you’ve probably said all year.

Sure, your ears may bleed but it’ll totally be enjoyable and worth it! Ha!


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