There’s A Part on Your Air Fryer You Probably Need To Clean Right Now

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Leave it to TikTok to make me feel gross about things I never thought about before…

Recently a TikTok user revealed a hidden air fryer part that most people have never cleaned and people are disturbed.

I have to admit, I have not done a deep clean on my air fryer, I clean the cooking area and wipe off the outside and that has been the extent of my cleaning effort.

Image credit: @justcleanit

Thankfully, it’s been said that mostly you just need to give your air fryer tray a cleaning after each use, which I do… and an actual deep clean needs to happen every 2-3 weeks.

The TikTok user tipped up the air fryer and showed the inside and there was nastiness caked above the heating element.

Image credit: @justcleanit

Commenters responded by saying things like: “The underside of my air fryer is none of my business.” and “Note to self – DO NOT LIFT AIRFRYER TO LOOK UNDERNEATH,” .

So how do you clean it? First unplug it and wait about 30 minutes to make sure it is completely cooled down.

Image credit: @justcleanit

Then you can wash every part using hot soapy water, making sure to clean all of the nasty buildup around the heating element. Dry everything thoroughly and put it all back together.

I’m afraid to go look at my heating element…

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