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Pickle Moonshine Exists and I Have To Try It

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Ole Smoky Moonshine has Moonshine Pickles and I have to try them! This is not a joke, this is the real deal! They call them ‘The Real Dill Shine’!

Ole Smoky Moonshine

I honestly can not remember the last time I had a Bloody Mary, that’s sad because I really do enjoy them! Seeing this Ole Smoky Pickle Moonshine has me craving a Bloody Mary that involves these pickles!


Doesn’t that look amazing? I feel like my mouth may be starting to water a bit over here…


Can you imagine? The tangy pickle saturated in good old fashioned moonshine? Granny would be proud!

Ole Smoky Moonshine created this jar of amazement for people like me! You can get a crunchy dill pickle that may brighten life up for you! Then follow it with an amazing dill pickle shot of moonshine to make sure the job gets done!


This is a 40 PROOF moonshine, so it has a bit of a kick! I mean it isn’t going to pickle you up to the extremes up a White Lightnin’, but it will surely get you pickled!


They have a TON of flavors! I would love to try them all!

Ole Smoky Moonshine comes from my favorite state (keep that a secret from my Texas friends and family), Tennessee! I totally miss living there! I worked right in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and it was absolutely amazing!


These seems like it would be perfect for the next cookout! Some burgers on the grill and a side of moonshine pickles please!


You can get your own jar of ‘The Real Dill Shine’ by using the locate a jar feature on their website! I checked and they have a jar for me exactly 1.1 miles from my house here in Texas!


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