Captain Morgan Just Released A New Rum That Tastes Just Like An Orange Creamsicle and I Need It

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Do you like alcohol? Do you like Creamsicles? Then look no futher…I have found THE PERFECT thing for you!

Say hello Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist! The ready to go, ready to drink, most glorious mixed drink taste you will possibly ever experience…seriously.


The summer-edition run is made with premium Caribbean rum with spice and other flavors.

The results is a sweet and fruity drink that tastes like orange and vanilla. Basically, it’s a creamsicle-flavored drink that will have you feeling like a kid again…well…maybe not. An adult kid?


This just started hitting the shelves so start keeping a look out because I feel like this is about to be a summer favorite that will be hard to get your hands on!


It’s available on Drizly.com for $16.99, but in stores it should be much cheaper. You’ll just have to go on your own little scavenger hunt!


The brand recommends mixing the Orange Vanilla Twist with ginger ale or cola, or making a boozy slushie!

I was just going to drink it straight to be honest, but I could be down for a boozy slushie!


Is this your favorite Captain Morgan flavor or do you have another one your heart is set on? Comment below! And if Creamsicles are your jam, be sure to check out our post about the Creamsicle Flavored Twizzlers!


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