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15 Quick and Easy Air Fryer Recipes To Make So You Don’t Have To Heat Up The Kitchen

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Why didn’t y’all tell me about this sooner? I just dipped my feet into the Air Fryer world, and I’m never going back.

I have owned my Air Fryer for 8 days, and have, legit, used it at least twice a day. I haven’t even turned on my oven or my stove.

I will admit. I am a little inexperienced at recipes. I can cook a mean frozen chicken nugget, make a hella good hamburger, and crisp up a tasty baked potato, but that is about the extent of my Air Fryer knowledge.

My cluelessness is your gain, because I have gathered 15 of the BEST Air Fryer recipes from around the web, that are simple and satisfying.

If you don’t yet have an Air Fryer, you must get one. Here is the one I have. I recommend going with a larger size basket. You will regret getting a smaller one.

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15 Air Fryer Recipes That Are A Quick And Yummy

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