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So, I’m sick. Like either stuck in the bed because I’m sleeping 16 hours to try to get over the nastiness that is bronchitis/ear infection/sinus infection/swine flu, or I’m sitting on the couch watching TV because I just can’t lay in my bed anymore sick. Hopefully I’ll be all better soon, because I’m missing all the cool stuff. That’s the thing about cool stuff, it almost never happens unless you’re missing it, and then it’s the COOLEST stuff EVER, and you’re at home, coughing.

Screw you, coughing.

  • This weekend was supposed to be an EPIC mother’s day. Okay, you know what–maybe it wasn’t going to be totally epic or anything, but it was going to be super cool–OKAY? Chevrolet invited me to the Texas Rangers baseball game, and there was a whole tent set up for mommy goodies and everything. But, I had to miss it because I couldn’t get out of bed.


  • Tonight is my writer’s group. Even if it is getting way too big, and I wish it would shrink down some, I still love it there. I love how everyone in the room is all writer-y and they just get that you’re busting your butt in all your free time to become an actual published author or books.

But I barely feel good enough to make a sandwich. So, I will be missing that.


  • Speaking of sandwiches. We have pretty much no food in this house right now. For breakfast, I made my daughter peanut butter graham crackers and put some raisins in there. Oh yeah, that totally happened. I would send my husband to the grocery store, but the last time I did that, he spent 400 bucks there and came home with things like WHOLE chickens.

Like I know what the hell to do with a WHOLE chicken. What do I look like? My Grandma?


  • I finally, after three weeks, got my fence up and stained, and my deck is all finished, too. The contractors told us it would take three days, tops. What the hell? How can you misjudge a job by that much? I mean, I could believe it if they told us it would take a week and then it actually took two, but 3 days and 21 days is a huge difference, amirite?

My husband also decided in the middle of everything that one evening he needed to rebuild a rail for our deck. It looks like complete crap, but I can’t tell him that because he loves it, and it’s not like I can do anything about it NOW.


Okay, okay, I’m done being sick and grumpy. I promise that next blog post will only be happy thoughts. Deal?


I kind of like being grumpy.

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    1. @Medeia Sharif, oh my gosh! I COMPLETELY agree about the waiting in line thing. Is there anything that sucks more?!?!
      .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Randomness =-.

  1. lol…16 hours in bed sounds heavenly!

    But not if you’re sick. GET WELL SOON!
    .-= Olleymae´s last blog ..Yay! Book Reviews =-.

  2. yep.. nothing matches except white… and even then it doesnt look RIGHT.

    Anyways.. I love the way the room looks now (although it could use some new curtains) but never send a hubby to do anything decorative, pretty, or creative in the home – they just dont get it!

  3. Ohh that is a pretty blue!! Seafoam is just a bad bad bad choice for walls.. it just ends up looking wrong because nothing matches with it.

    This is my office color

    1. @lindsay, oh WOW that is EXACTLY the same green her room was! I couldn’t come up with ANYTHING to look cute against it.

  4. Haha.. i wanted a light blue in my office and it ended up SEAFOAM GREEN! Bleh.. i feel your pain

    1. @lindsay, ugh, seafoam green is the color my daughter’s room was in the new house before we painted. I couldn’t get it off fast enough. Her room now is the BEST light blue I’ve ever found, it’s called cloud, and I LOVE it…

  5. Wow.. that sounds like a day out of my life! I totally feel for ya.. and nothing worse when the hubby does something that you know sucks but he is proud of.

    *note – NEVER send him to buy a BLUE paint for a room. you MUCH send him with an exactly color match.

    1. @lindsay, We were in the middle of painting a guest room in our house and I ended up having my daughter a month early, so that room was half unpainted. (It was just a random guest room, but still!) So, I sent my husband home to finish it while I was in the hospital after the birth and left him in charge of painting… I told him I wanted it a pale blue… Well, apparently that meant NAVY, ugh, that room looked like a dungeon!

  6. So sorry you’re so ill and down. 🙁 Happens to the best of us…and you’re right, always when all the cool stuff is happening.

    Send hubby out for fast food, and get better soon…sending you healthy thoughts.
    .-= Jamie (@JamieDeBree)´s last blog ..Everyday Romance: Small Moments =-.

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