Reese’s Pumpkins Have Reese’s Pieces INSIDE Them This year!

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This is not a drill.

Reese’s pumpkins are in stores now, and guys… THEY ARE FILLED WITH REESE’SE PIECES.

Photo Credit @dadbodsnacks

Everyone already knows that the holiday Reese’s are far superior to regular peanut butter cups.

They’ve been spotted in stores, along with the other favorites.

Personally, I am holding out for the orange chocolate ones.

They made me feel like I was eating an actual pumpkin, and I am all about tricking myself into pretending my choices are healthy. Heh.

Or you can just go for it and get all the candy in this candy assortment pumpkin.

Because why not? Live a little.

Oh, and if you’re feeling particularly crafty, just use the bite size cups to make your own little broom sticks.

Or you can make these cute little bats.

Happy Halloween!

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