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Netflix Just Announced The Release Date for Season Two of ‘Sweet Magnolias’

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Sweet Magnolias was approved for season two, we know this, but we what we didn’t know was when the hit show would release ten new episodes once again.

Courtesy of Netflix

Either Santa came early this year or it’s truly a Christmas miracle because thanks to Netflix, the streaming platform has just announced the release date for the show’s second season with a few first look photos too! 

Courtesy of Netflix

Since the last episode of season one, binge-watchers of the show were left on the edge of their seats regarding the tragic car crash on prom night. 

Courtesy of Netflix

While we currently don’t know who was in the car that crashed in the tenth episode, season two will definitely answer the big elephant in the room soon. 

Courtesy of Netflix

And when I say soon, I’m talking about only a few months wait! 

Sweet Magnolias’ second season drops February 4th on Netflix where we see Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue up on the big screen again! 

Courtesy of Netflix

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