You Can Get A Handmade Rooster Succulent Planter and I Need One For My Kitchen

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People are completely obsessed with all things chickens and roosters! For good reason. Most people think they are adorable!!

I am scared to death of chickens. Their feet are terrifying, but that’s a whole different story. Ha!

You know what ELSE people are fanatical over? Succulents. Succulents of all varieties, and every kinds. I must admit. I’m team succulent.

Now, you can combine your two loves by getting this CUTE handmade Rooster Succulent Planter.

SeeleneLaMoon on Etsy sells these beautiful planters, that she makes out of a terracotta material, right in Modesto, California.

There are two sizes to choose from, she has a LARGE planter, which is $25, and a Small version, that is $18. Now, if you choose to get it WITH a succulent cutting, you are going to need to add $2 to that price.

(Large) Measure about 5-6 inches in diameter and 5-6 inches tall.
Size and pattern could slightly vary since they are handmade.

SeeleneLaMoon on Etsy

*⚠️This is a DIY planter. Rooster and Succulent only will be provided. You will need to add your own soil at home 🙂

SeeleneLaMoon on Etsy

The cost to ship is about $12, so please take that into consideration when purchasing this planter.

You know what would be so devastatingly cute in these Rooster Planters? These Baby Succulents. OMG!!! Can you even imagine? You can get them right on Etsy while you are there getting your rooster!

Courtesy of QueenofSucculents

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