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You Can Buy A Handful Of Tiny Baby Succulents And I Am In Love

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Did you know that you can buy baby succulents off of Etsy? To be frank, I didn’t even know succulents could come in travel size!

Courtesy of QueenofSucculents

I think I’ve found a new hobby, and that is to collect as many baby succulents as possible, or at least enough to fill a big pot.


These baby succulents almost look too cute to be real, but you can indeed, plant them and watch them grow. If only these plants could stay this size forever!


You can currently buy a pack of 12 baby succulents off the Etsy account QueenofSucculents, for just 25 bucks!

Once purchased, the description says that you will receive 12 colorful mini sized succulents, similar to the ones that are shown in the photo below.

Courtesy of QueenofSucculents

Each set has a different variety of succulents, however it’s promised that every order is filled with colorful baby succulents!


Keep in mind, that once your order has been delivered, you should plant your baby succulents in dry soil first. Afterwards, they should start to grow in 3 weeks and should not be watered until their roots are visible.


These fun sized succulents will go PERFECT in the new elephant pot I just bought!


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  1. These are ridiculously expensive! They are so easy to propagate to get your own babies. Buy one at home depot and easily have a lifetime supply.

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