Russell Wilson Proposed to Wife Ciara Again and Even Asked Her for More Babies

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It’s certainly not uncommon to renew your vows with your loved one even after the first wedding, and Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara, are proof of that.

Courtesy of @stylerave_

Recently on the Ellen show, Russell decided to make a move on his current wife Ciara, and proposed in front of a live studio audience as she held a beautiful bouquet of roses from her husband.

Courtesy of @stylerave_

After kneeling down one knee, the usual question of “Will you marry me?” was replaced was another line and considering the genuine look from Russell, he’s most definitely serious!

After popping the question “Can we have more babies?”, Ciara and the audience laughed but she didn’t say no!

So does that mean we can expect baby number four soon from the happy couple?

Russell who has clearly fallen head over heels in love, he told the audience that if he took all the grains of sand from the seven sees and multiplied it by 10,000 Ciara would only have a mere fraction of the love he has for her!

Cue the “awhs”!

You can watch Russell get down on one knee here, and propose to his wife for the second time!

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