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This Scorpion Chair Is The Ultimate Evil Villain Chair and I Need It

I have never thought of a chair as powerful.  I changed my mind.

I’ve never thought of a scorpion as particularly powerful.  I learned that some of those bad boys are as big as my hand with big poisonous stingers!

Russian woodcarver and sculptor Vyacheslav Pakhomov has designed a scorpion chair fit for a powerful queen/king or an equally powerful villain.

This is the ultimate intimidation office chair.  Can you imagine walking in to your boss’s office and finding him in this chair?  I wouldn’t talk back!

My daughter-in-law does up Halloween strong.  I can see this chair on her front porch with my son sitting there dressed as the grim reaper.  Even their large size candy bars might not be enough to get the smaller kids to that door.

The chair may also make a good Game of Thrones chair on Halloween.

It would make a good gaming chair.  How powerful would you feel playing your favorite battle game?  That has to give you an edge.

The Scorpion chair is 6.5 feet tall and 3.4 feet deep. 

The designer is in Russia so it will cost you about $5454.00 today in US dollars.  You’d have to pay for shipping too.

If you have a 3D printer though there are plans available.  You could print your very own Scorpion chair. 

The original is made of oak with leather seating but you could be creative. The plans come with a matching table.

The scorpion is the spirit animal that is equipped to protect you at all times. This chair might be the furniture equivalent.

You can order your own Scorpion Chair Here.

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