Season 4 Of ‘The Crown’ Blew Me Away With It’s Historical Accuracy And I Can’t Wait For The Next Season

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If you have been following any of my review posts lately, you’ll see that I have been covering the stuff that appears in the Netflix Top Ten. And I was THRILLED when The Crown popped up. I love that show!

Season four just came out, and I realized that somehow I never watched season three?! I guess when they switched actors I decided not to go for it at the time.


And it had been awhile since I saw the first two seasons. So since I have been stuck in quarantine with the Coronavirus, I decided binge watching seasons 1-4 could be a possible feat. I was able to do it and I was not disappointed!


Season four introduced Princess Diana into the life of the royals and it just blew me away at the accuracy. The demeanor, the scandals, the appearance. It was all SO spot on.


I even watched some documentaries afterwards to make sure the fictional series wasn’t messing with my head and it wasn’t. There is so much accuracy to this season that it blew me away.


Congrats to Netflix for knowing what they’re doing. I am SO excited for the next season as it will continue with Diana’s story and the two princes as well. If you are a history buff or into historical fiction, you are truly missing out if you haven’t watched this show yet.


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