5 Simple Ways To Combat That Feeling Of Holiday Loneliness

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The holidays are a tough time for so many people.

While it’s a season of fun and good cheer for most, there are people that truly suffer loneliness, sadness, and loss during the holiday season.

Sometimes that loneliness and sadness stem from the fact that you’re physically apart from the ones you love.

This can leave you feeling isolated — even if you are surrounded by others. Just feeling the separation from those you love can bring on those horrible feelings of loneliness and sadness.

While it sucks, it is totally normal. And, more importantly, it is okay to feel your feelings. They are valid.

BUT, there are a few things that you can do to proactively help ease your feelings of sadness, loneliness, and loss.

5 Simple Steps To Manage Your Holiday Loneliness

1) Do something for others — Volunteering is an easy way to do this. It will keep you busy, and help you feel fulfilled and less isolated.

Some volunteering opportunities might include working at a soup kitchen, ringing the Christmas bell for the Salvation Army, visiting elderly individuals at an assisted living facility, or working in a hospital as a greeter.

You can even do something as simple as visiting a neighbor — maybe take them holiday cookies, or simply stop by for a chat.

2) Start a new hobby — The ideas here are limitless. But, getting your mind focused outwardly on something fun and time consuming will help you feel so much better when it comes to those holiday blues.

You could learn to sew or crochet, create a “dream destination” scrapbook of places you would love to visit, or even get a big book of crossword puzzles to work on.

Gather up all those old kids memories you have around the house, and start a memory book.

You could even paint rocks to hide around town as great pick-me-ups for people who find them.

Find something you like, and set your mind on something other than the loneliness and isolation you are feeling.

3) Journal your feelings — Sometimes just writing down how you are feeling — good or bad — can be helpful. Get colorful pens or colored pencils, and doodle your feelings.

Some people use their journals as a sort of a prayer journal of sorts.

Some use it as a thankful list — find all the things you have to be thankful for in life — no matter how small.

You can use it to write down the nitty gritty of how you are feeling.

It’s yours, for your eyes only. Write what makes you feel good.

4) Use your downtime to do things you like — Like to read a book? Do it. Want to take a hot bath and soak in the relaxation? Do it. Like to bake? Go for it — and maybe take some to a neighbor. Like to dance? Put on some tunes, and dance like no one is watching.

This time of year can get busy and hectic as all get out. That only feeds into the loneliness and isolated feelings. Doing something fun that you enjoy can really help you shift your mindset.

5) Play games — I’m not talking about video games. Break out those old board games you have around the house.

Invite over your neighbors, friends, people from work, maybe acquaintances from church — whoever you see on the regular — and have a good ol’ night of board games.

The bottom line here is not to sit and dwell on your loneliness and sadness. Focus your mind on other activities, and you will be surprised how quickly your mood perks up.

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