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You Can Get A Smart Coffee Table That Even Has A Hidden Refrigerator And I Need One Now

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Technology is a major part of our lives these days. We use it to communicate, to entertain, to learn, to work, and honestly just to waste time.


You can get smart TVs and smart appliances, like a refrigerator. Well, now you can get smart furniture! This smart coffee table even has a built-in refrigerator drawer that is really deep and you can load it with drinks.

It has a drawer you can fill with snacks so that you never need to get up again! Well, I mean it doesn’t have a spot to go to the bathroom, so you’ll need to still leave your spot for that.

The coffee table also has 2 Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. There are also charging ports for your devices and 2 hidden outlets. The high tech coffee table has a touch screen control panel so that you can easily operate it.

It’s actually viral on TikTok right now because it is so cool!


Coffee Table + Fridge… Best. Investment. Ever! ##howtoadult ##adultmoney ##howtoquarantine

♬ Adult money probs – Jake Hall

You can buy your own Sobro coffee table in white or black from Wayfair. The Sobro coffee table normally costs $1,499, but it just happens to be on sale right now for only $1,299. Last-minute splurge gift anyone?


Few people requested a close up on the coffee table, here it is! ##adultmoney

♬ HOLIDAY – Lil Nas X

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