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Smirnoff ICE Pink Lemonade Is Here. So, Bring On Summer

Just a few weeks ago I let you all in on the news about the Smirnoff Pink Lemonade Vodka.


Well, when I wrote that, I had no clue that they were also launching the flavor in the ready to go ‘ICE’ drinks as well!


Smirnoff ICE bottled drinks are perfect for hot summer days, make it a pink lemonade, and dude… that’s perfection!

easypickminimart – Instagram

The new Smirnoff ICE Pink Lemonade drink is nearly identical in taste to the vodka.

If you’ve had the ICE drinks, then you already know they are a ready-to-drink malt beverage.

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This pink lemonade version has the flavors of lemon, strawberry, and raspberry all mixed up in one tasty drink.

If you plan on having any pool parties or backyard BBQs, you’ll want to have this on hand!

Each bottle is 11.2 oz and has an ABV of 4.5%!

You can pick up the bottles in a 6 pack that is themed in summer colors so it’s easy to spot.

Shenango Beverage

You should be able to pick the Smirnoff ICE Pink Lemonade drinks at any of your local liquor stores.


Smirnoff ICE drinks are also available in Original, Peach Bellini, Black Cherry, Hurricane Punch, Green Apple, Pineapple, and Watermelon Mimosa.

I think I’ll take one of each please!

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