Schools Are Banning Halloween Celebrations

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When I was younger, Halloween was a THING in school. We would dress up, have costume parades, go trick-or-treating from class-to-class, and all learning that day incorporated pumpkins or other such Halloween icons.

This fun is no longer allowed in a lot of schools. The Holiday has either been banned COMPLETELY, or the schools have opted to take a “Harvest Festival” approach.

Many of the schools allow students to dress in other ways, like Career Day or Silly Hat Day.

Some schools will simply be closed for a Teacher Work Day on the 31st, to avoid the day all together.

Parents have mixed reactions to school activities on the 31st. Some don’t want their kids to participate in anything Halloween related due to religious concerns. Some parents are agast that the schools aren’t allowing spooky festivities.

At my kids’ schools, the children are not allowed to come in Halloween costumes on the 31st for “security” reasons, but there are some teachers that will be incorporating cats and pumpkins (nothing overtly Halloween-y) into math worksheets and the like.

In many schools, including ours, the PTA is putting on a HARVEST FESTIVAL after school hours. It won’t have ANY Halloween related games or activites, but will have bounce houses and generic games that can earn the kids candy.

There will be no costumes or pumpkins allowed — How do you call it a Harvest Festival, and not have pumpkins?!?

So where do you stand on the whole Halloween in school idea?

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