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Some Starbucks Locations Are Reopening For Indoor Seating. Here’s What We Know.

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If you have been missing having your Starbucks dine-in experiences, you may soon have that opportunity again!

Whether it’s for a moment away from everyone else at the house, or to just chill and get some work done. Starbucks is opening the dine-in at some locations for you to enjoy.

Starbucks has announced that 30% of the company-owned stores have opened seating indoors. This has happened so far in areas where local mandates have permitted and are set to a certain capacity.

With new proprietary data-driven decision tools that monitor public health conditions, government guidelines, customer preferences and partner sentiment in real-time, we were able to gradually and safely reopen a select number of our U.S. stores for limited seating experiences, expanding to nearly 30 percent of our U.S. company-operated stores by the end of the quarter.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson

Starbucks is also determining ways to improve mobile orders as well as expand its curbside pick up services. Currently, curbside service is available at 250 stores and will move to 750-1,000 stores!


I’m not sure how you all feel, but I am looking forward to it. A bit of normalcy creeping back to us. So yea, while it’s still limited, it’s still a positive sign.

Starbucks was one of the first businesses to move to drive-thru only. Seeing them opening back to somewhat normal standards is encouraging.


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  1. This is another example of a blog post that’s useless because it is UNDATED. I read the entire post and still do not know if “Some Starbucks Locations Are Reopening For Indoor Seating” and “you may soon have that opportunity again” is a prediction for later in 2022…or if it was written in the past and can be ignored. Author, if you’re going to share information then put a date on it.

  2. As a Starbucks barista I’ve been dreading the cafes reopening simply because we are horribly short staffed & lack the manpower to keep the cafe seating clean, let alone police how long our customers hang out nursing a drink. But hey! I’ve contracted covid; & recovered from it this past January (it was scary & awful); the cafe where I’ve worked for the last 4 years had to close down twice because of 2 outbreaks in Jan & Feb ’21; and I’ve since gotten both of my vaccination shots. So I’m as prepared as U possibly can be…& ya know what? Bring it! Customers need to take responsibility for their personal health & the world needs to get back o normal. Ya want the cafe open? It’s open. Just don’t expect pristine clean and hygiene theatre here. We don’t have the staff to do it & we don’t care. We’re overworked & tired. Come in & be seated at your own risk.

  3. I go to Starbucks 3-4 times a week but will be switching to the Barnes and Noble Cafe because you can sit inside there.

  4. It’s time to reopen for inside dining Starbucks!
    Almost all the restaurants in Santa Barbara are serving indoors now or they have large patios and can accommodate lots of folks. “My Starbucks” has 3 tiny tables outside, which means they can serve 6 people sitting down ?
    In the meantime, the new coffee house on the next corner is swamped! I enjoy it, but will happily come back to SBUX as soon as it reopens since I was daily diner for 1 1/2 years. ??

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