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15 Awesome DIY Harry Potter Costume Ideas

I hate shopping for costumes if it’s not the day after Halloween (BTW, I love shopping for costumes the day after Halloween–they’re like $2 and always the most random fun). But my kiddos always want to pretend to be someone or something new–I guess their lives are just that boring. Their newest heart’s desire? Harry …

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25 Harry Potter Snacks

Here are 25 Harry Potter snacks you can make from home! 25 Harry Potter Snacks and Treats I’ve got my witchy priorities straight–I’m starting with Witches Broomstick Candies. Golden Snitch Pops would probably do a bang-up, sell-out job on Quiddich game days! Ok, so you want some meat? No burgers here, but order some Basilisk-dogs. Do it. Hissss. These Cheese …

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