Target Has a $13 Pom Pom Charging Cable That Lights Up As It Charges Your Phone

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Let’s face it, charging your phone is essential. And those plain, boring white cords can get boring REALLY fast. I have started searching the earth for cool and trendy chargers and I believe I have hit the jackpot!!!


Target is now selling a Pom Pom iPhone Charging Cable and it is the fiesta filled, slightly llama suggesting, dream come true we’ve all been waiting for!


Not only does this charge your phone. Not only does this have pom poms, but it lights up too! What more could you ask for? Ok…maybe it could play some festive music too as it charges, but I feel like that would get old quick.


This super festive charger is made my the brand, DCI, who have previously released a Christmas light charging cable. So I’m hoping this means there’s more where these came from and we will be getting more and more decorative options while charging our phones!


Whether you want this as an accent piece for your room, or a conversation piece at work, this is definitely a stylish way to charge your phone. You could even use it on your car! The options are endless. Just maybe don’t let your friends borrow it because you may not get it back…

This charging cable has 8 pom poms attached to it and is only $13 at Target!

The coloring of the pom poms are pink, light green, orange, and purple, and they come with LED lights that will light up as your phone charges.

The cord is 46 inches and is currently only available for iPhone users (sorry androids!). It doesn’t come with its own wall adapter, but has a USB port at the end to make it easy to use in any normal charging spot!

This is currently available at Target.com but has also been spotted in stores so grab one while you can and get this party started!!!

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