The Time I Laughed So Hard Playing Board Games With My Family, I About Peed My Pants

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Kids don’t have team practices or games. But that doesn’t mean they have lost their competitive spirit or need for interaction.

It is time to break out those board games! You know, the ones that you get for a family gift at holidays, play once and then allow to gather dust.

We did this last night and the results were freaking amazing.

First up was Dice City.

My 9-year-old and 14-year-old caught on fairly quickly.

Our 5-year-old walked around the table giving updates like a baseball announcer. If he had nothing to say he would break out into Fort Night dances.

The girls realized they could attack each other in the game and for a moment I am not even sure they knew dad and I were still in the room.

“You’re going down!”

That was thrown back and forth multiple times. But what is this? Laughter.

They had each other laughing so hard. Like the ‘oh my god did I just snort?’ kind of laughing.

My heart melted.

These girls who are normally fighting, are talking and laughing.

Is this lock down actually helping our family? Yes, I believe so.

The 9-year-old won! I mean beat our butts by at least 20 points.

You should of seen the celebration dance. I almost peed my pants watching her.

Now wait for it…

They actually asked to play another game! They want to spend more time together.

I thought my husband and I were going into shock. We couldn’t form words.

Next up was Uno Flip. If you haven’t tried this you have to.

This is where we learned just how competitive our normally sweet 9-year-old actually is.

When she would play a card to make her dad draw cards, she would announce them as torture devices and laugh hysterically.

To distract each other, the girls started making faces at one another and seeing who could cross their eyes the most. They entered that stage of laughing where they couldn’t catch their breath.

We laughed for hours. Ate snacks. Lived in the moment.

And a miracle occurred. Our 14-year-old that is normally attached to her phone as if it tells her when to breathe, had it laying on the table face down.

Not one mention of anything going on in the world outside.

This is our world right now and it is perfect.

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