This Chick-Fil-A Employee Teaches You Exactly How to Make Their Nuggets

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Picture this – It’s Sunday and you’re craving Chick-Fil-A Nuggets but they are closed. What do you?

Don’t answer that because you don’t have to… This Chick-Fil-A Employee Teaches You Exactly How to Make Their Nuggets!

Yes, that means you can make your own Chick-Fil-A Nuggets any time of the week, even Sunday.

TikTok user Jack aka @jacklinne8 breaks it down step-by-step. No measurements but it’s a pretty simple process.

You first start out with raw chicken and then cut it into cubes.

You then make a pickle juice soak, an egg wash and a flour mixture.

Heat up some oil in a pan.

Then, soak the chicken in pickle juice.

Once soaked, dip the chicken in the egg wash then the flour mixture and cook in the pan for a few minutes.

That’s it! You’ll then have some Chick-Fil-A nuggets HOMEMADE.

Oh, and before you make these, head to Chick-Fil-A to pick up some of their signature sauces because we all know the sauce is where it’s at!!

You can check out the full TikTok video below. You’re welcome.


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  1. I’ve worked at Chick-fil-A for over a year and a half and this is incorrect information. There is no pickle juice used in the recipe. Maybe they taste similar to our nuggets, but it’s not the same recipe. The Cathy family has the original recipe locked up in a safe in Georgia that nobody will ever have access to except them.

    1. Okay, so who cares if its not 100% accurate to the letter. If it tastes the same then its perfect for at home baking. Yeah I heard rumors that no pickle juice is actually used, because its actually suppose to be a brine of salt, sugar, vinegar, water mix together. But that doesn’t matter since no one seems to know the ratios due to the secret.

      So the next best thing is a recipe with pickle juice because it can replicate the flavors of that brine without being technical about knowing the precise measurements / perfect ingredients. And its true that the exact seasonings used are unknown as well, but thats not a huge deal either. After all, we go to chik-fil-a for that delicious flavor, not particularly for whatever ingredients they put in it (or i guess to be technical the ingredients make up the flavor, but you get my point! Its about the end result!).

      Bottom line is, 100% accurate recipe or not, as long as it tastes around 90% like the real deal then its perfect. Besides, having access to cook it whenever you want, and knowing that you can also save money from home cooking instead of paying 3-5 dollars for one chicken sandwich when chicken is sold for 2 dollars a pound at the store is reason enough. Yeah eating our little copy-cat recipe seems like a good deal any day of the week when done right.

      Great flavor, Cheaper price, More control over whats put into it, and served whenever you want (even on sunday). Yep, that minuscule flavor difference is a worthy trade-off IMO. Of course chik-fil-a will remain king when traveling, we aren’t sweating it.

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