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This Guy Licked A Doorbell For Three Hours, And Everybody Wants To Know Why…

Sometimes the internet gives us a gem, and this is one of those times, because this bro licked a doorbell for THREE HOURS, and we just want to say

You know what, I don’t know what to say. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone this into anything, well… ever.

I can’t stop watching these guys watching him lick the doorbell. They’re all “Whoa, he is really into it!”

And I just belly laugh every single time.

What do you do in this sort of situation? I mean, you probably are looking at this AFTER the fact. What would it feel like to know this guy stood on your front porch for THREE HOURS licking your doorbell?

What makes a person lick a doorbell for three hours?

If you don’t have a Ring Doorbell, you need one right now. Because this is probably happening on your porch every night. (Here’s a link for $10.00 off yours, it’s how I got mine.)

I thought that maybe they knew the guy, but nope, this is a random stranger licking their doorbell. He also tries to shove flowers into their camera.

But it’s even weirder than that, because he’s licking their old doorbell, right? Their functioning doorbell would have to be the Ring.

Oh, and he does take a little break and have a chill session a little later.

They don’t know this guy. He is straight up a total stranger. Why is this happening?

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