This Mom’s PSA About Being Nice To Your Retail Workers At Christmas Is The Best

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Whitney Fleming, from Playdates on Fridays by Whitney Fleming on Facebook, recently wrote a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

Via Playdates on Fridays by Whitney Fleming on Facebook

She went to Target to pick up a few things — but as we do, she ended up with a basket full of goodies.

She ended up having an interesting conversation with the young man bagging up her groceries. This conversation made her completely stop in her tracks, and reminded her how important it is to be considerate to your retail workers this holiday season.

Via Playdates on Fridays by Whitney Fleming on Facebook

They struck up a light hearted conversation about their dogs as he was ringing up her puppy Christmas pajamas. He ended up saying in passing, “I can always tell who are the nice and easy customers even before they get to my line.”

She laughed it off, and mentioned how he must get a lot of “crotchety ladies” coming through his line.

He said, “Well, not really. It’s often moms who are the hardest.”

Ms. Fleming assumed he was joking, but quickly realized he was completely serious.

He mentioned how he was one of five children, and he never saw his mom treat people like he has been treated working in the retail industry.

Unfortunately, I can corroborate his story. I worked in retail for 15 years, and people just got more curt, unfriendly, and downright rude as the years went on.

The young man said, “It’s just hard when you’ve never worked before and people start yelling at you.”

And at that moment, I realized, this Target cashier could one day be my daughter. It could be your son.

Via Playdates on Fridays by Whitney Fleming on Facebook

She goes on to say that “we’re the Moms. We should know better.”

I completely agree. I understand being frustrated, especially during the stressful holidays, but be nice. For goodness sake, be nice.

We should always be kind when we can–especially for those who have to work when all they want to do is be home with their families–but maybe this season we can offer a little more grace to our youngest workers. They are just starting out in this world, and I don’t think we need to make it any harder.

Via Playdates on Fridays by Whitney Fleming on Facebook

Read her entire story on the Facebook post below.

* All quotes are via Playdates on Fridays by Whitney Fleming on Facebook

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