This Woman Makes Face Masks And Hangs Them On A ‘Giving Tree’ For People To Take For Free

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Y’all. I wish this tree were in the parking lot of the Walmart I went to yesterday. Goodness knows, they needed some masks up in there.

Courtesy of Deb Siggins

Lisbon, Iowa is about the luckiest little town around, right now!

There is the SWEETEST lady ever, who is making fabric masks, and hanging them on an outdoor tree, like it’s Christmas.

Her name is Deb Siggins, and she has made these masks FREE OF CHARGE for medical workers, friends, family, and the community at large.

Courtesy of Deb Siggins on Facebook

All you have to do, is go pick a mask off the tree, and it’s yours!!

I’m so jealous right now.

Deb was making the masks for medical workers at UnityPoint Health’s St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, but it blossomed into full-blown work on her part.

Courtesy of Deb Siggins

My goal was to do 100 (masks) for the hospital, but then my friends and family wanted some and it just snowballed. — It went crazy, I’m getting so many requests from everywhere to the point where I can’t keep up.

Deb Siggins to CNN
Courtesy of Deb Siggins

She makes the masks out of all sorts of different fabrics, and then hangs them on the “giving tree.” She has to restock it regularly, because the masks are usually gone within a day of putting them out.

The tree full of masks has become so wildly popular, other people have taken the idea of a free mask tree, and run with it.

Courtesy of

They are popping up EVERYWHERE. It is just a reminder of how good the human spirit can be!

Courtesy of Deb Madden Deschenes on Facebook

If YOU have any sewing ability AT ALL, you can start your very own mask giving tree! It just takes a little time, some supplies, and a little love for humanity.

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