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You Can Get A Unicorn Snow Tube That’ll Make Sledding Magical

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Is there anything better than snow? Like really…its white, it’s fluffy, it’s rare. We need to cherish it. Seriously.

What’s my favorite snow activity you ask? Why sledding of course. Or tubing. To me it’s pretty much the same. So why not find something magical to take a ride on this winter?


Oh yes, you can now go tubing in a magical unicorn! What better way to show of some style than with one of these bad boys on the slopes?


It has handles for you to hold on to and a double layering system to keep it from easily getting damaged on your crazy rides!


These Unicorn Tubes can be found on Amazon and are only $26.99, which isn’t bad at all! If you take great care of it, you could use this for years! Be sure to grab one before they all magically disappear!


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