A Unicorn Taco Holder Exists To Make Eating Pure Magic

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Dinner just got magical.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to eat out of a unicorn, today is your day because A Unicorn Taco Holder Exists To Make Eating Pure Magic!


Now, according to the description it makes eating fun for kids but um, what about us adults, we like magical dinners too! Don’t judge me.

The unicorn taco holder is perfect for making Taco Tuesdays or meal times stress free for the parents and fun for the kids.
It can be used for themed unicorn, princess, prince and castles parties.
It can be their ‘Buddy’ for their magical playtime adventures by themselves or together with their siblings and friends.

Aside from tacos, it can also hold all sorts of goodies – donuts, chips, and even pop-tarts. You name it, this unicorn can hold it while you eat.

You know you need this and at under $15 you can’t afford to not get more than one. You’re welcome for sprinkling some magic into your life!

By the way, if you have a kid that loves dinosaurs, you need this Nachosaurus Taco Holder too!

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