Very Frustrated right now with the Casa Manana Children’s Playhouse.

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Okay, let me start out by saying I am not one of those moms who doesn’t let their kid read Harry Potter because of the scary magic or doesn’t celebrate Halloween or anything like that.  I am quite the opposite.  I think that stuff is fun, and an important part of child hood.  I think it strengthens the imagination and makes children live in fantasy worlds that they will remember forever.  A childhood friend and I spent many many hours immersed in our own fantasy world of unicorns and magic dragonfly fairies down by the creek at my parent’s house, and I think it made us into the fun mothers we are today.

Now, that being said, I am upset with The Casa Manana Children’s playhouse right now.  We went to their modern day Sleeping Beauty last night, and while I usually enjoy a good modernizing of a classic.  This was just in poor taste.  The little fairies, etc. were very cute, and the play was mostly a joy to watch… but let me tell you what NEVER should have happened.  For starters, instead of showing the peasants working hard out in the fields, they showed them in a creepy crazy scary cult scene.  It was just creepy, they were all wearing scary Enya Robes, and running around in the dark.  I took my THREE YEAR OLD to this, I don’t have a problem with Enya Robes… but uh DUDE… I would rather my kid not have scary dreams, k?  Then, when the prince was dreaming about Sleeping Beauty all the people at the castle turned into scary puppet zombies controlled by the evil Fairy.  Uhhh puppet zombies?  Are you KIDDING me?  Again, we brought our young children to see this play, and when you are showing a kid that people dream about scary zombies, what exactly do you think is going to happen?  You guessed it, zombie dreams.  And finally, the narrarator of the updated story was supposed to be like the “Access Hollywood” Reporter.

This honestly blew my mind a little bit.  I can’t believe this was a children’s show.  My season passes are supposed to go to things age appropriate, and this play was written with humor only a grown up would get.  I just hope that Casa Manana and the Children’s Playhouse theater does a better job for the rest of the year, or we will reconsider our season passes.

Shame on you Casa Manana.

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  1. You may consider this response as a coupon for 2 for 1 to any show at Artisan Center Theater for kids. We are doing Jungle Book next and I think we have no plans to offend anyone… on purpose that is. Check us out, I think you will like it.

    Rick Blair

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