This Wearable Sherpa Blanket Is Perfect For The Person Who Is Always Cold

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Everyone I meet lately seems to be freezing cold. We have done posts about Heated Blankets For Your Car, Heated Pants, and even a Heated Seat Cushion. Each time we write one, we get SO many people thanking us for making their life just a little bit warmer.

This Sherpa Wearable Blanket is, perhaps, my FAVORITE way to stay warm!

There is NOTHING more cozy than curling up on a couch with a cozy blanket. Inevitably, though, I have to leave my cozy cocoon to go get a drink, get some popcorn, or — and this happens a lot — find the TV remote.

Now, I can take the warmth with me. Ha! These are Sherpa Blankets that you can WEAR!

They slip right over your head, and come complete with a hood. This is, perhaps, my FAVORITE feature. I have cold ears. Don’t judge.

ORIGINAL BLANKET SWEATSHIRT SEEN ON SHARK TANK: the softness of a blanket with the fit an oversized hoodie is here. This wearable blanket pullover keeps you warm & cozy while you lounge at home, watch TV, play video games, work on your laptop, camp, attend a sporting event or concert, & more.


These comfy Wearable Blankets come in adult and kid sizes, and cost right at forty bucks. You can also choose to get the blanket WITHOUT the hood, if that is your jam.

You have about fifteen colors to choose from, so you are BOUND to find one, or fifteen, that you can’t live without.

Pull your legs into the plush fluffy sherpa to cover yourself completely on the couch, roll the sleeves up to make yourself a snack, & move around freely while taking your warmth wherever you go. Don’t worry about slipping or sliding sleeves. It doesn’t drag on the floor either.


You can get yours right on Amazon.

Just a word of advice — these make GREAT gifts. You can buy them, and have them on hand for that next birthday that you forget about. I speak from experience.

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