When Is Starbucks Releasing Their Holiday Cups? Here’s What We Know.

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Starbuck’s holiday cups are undeniably better than their other sippable tumblers.

With Halloween in full swing, it’s a given that Starbuck’s holiday cups are truly unforgettable, especially when the holidays seem so close, but yet are still days away.

According to POPSUGAR who reached out to Starbucks to get the exact date regarding when the new holiday cups will be stocked on store shelves, the brand isn’t quite ready to tell their secrets.

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While we can’t blame the coffee chain for keeping the release date a secret, according to a fan website dubbed the Countdown to Red Cups, their guess is a date closer than what you may already have in mind.

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Starbucks fans are enthusiastic that the red cups and holiday merchandise will release in the beginning of next month, starting on November 7th.

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In the meantime, while we don’t know for sure when Starbucks will release their red and green cup-ware, we do know that Starbuck’s new holiday drink is introduced next month; so while you may not be able to set a date on the calendar for the release of Starbuck’s red cups just yet, the new Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte drops November 4th!

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