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Wonder Woman 1984 May Be Releasing Straight to Streaming Services

If we must be stuck inside home, we should at least have some new movies to watch, right?

Warner Bros

Well, shortly after hearing Universal is releasing theatrical movies to streaming and even Disney releasing Onward, looks like we may get another release – Wonder Woman 1984 May Be Releasing Straight to Streaming Services!

Warner Bros

According to The Wrap, Warner Bros is currently in discussion about releasing Wonder Woman 1984 digitally rather than in theaters due to the current situation.

With movie theaters closed across the globe for an indefinite period of time, Warner Bros. is discussing whether to take its upcoming DC Comics tentpole “Wonder Woman 1984” directly to streaming and bypass theaters altogether, two knowledgeable individuals told TheWrap.

I mean, that entirely makes sense to me!

Why waste all that time producing the show and put off releasing it?

I for one would pay to own that movie outright, right now.

“Wonder Woman 1984” is still officially set to release on June 4 but let’s hope they just decide to let us all watch it from the comfort and safety of our homes sooner.