Yes! I found the opening ceremony haha!

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So, I kept hoping that FiOS would just do an on demand of the opening ceremony since I missed it.. but I decided to just try to find it on the internet… and I did find it on so yaay for that. I am starting it now… dang it is LONG… good thing I can just pause it and come back to it, right?
We sure do put a lot of clout into the opening cermony, don’t we? I mean… I think I have seen every opening ceremony for as long as I can remember, and of course watching the Olympics is just such a fun family thing to do so we always did that. Now if only I could convince my husband to watch the Olympics instead of Alton Brown… ugh I am SO sick of that Good Eats show! I am not saying it isn’t a good show… it TOTALLY is, but my husband like watches that one show, and only that one show! The thing is… I don’t like cooking shows at all. Cooking isn’t a super fun hobby for me… it is part of my JOB! I mean… I guess it is OKAY, and I do like eating after it is cooked, but I am NOT a huge fan of the whole cooking for super fun hobby thing. My husband is, and he doesn’t really understand the mess he makes. He does an okay job cleaning it up, but still… it just makes such a mess!
Okay, okay I am done with my vent for the day haha!

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