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You Can Creep Out Your Loved Ones By Sending Them Nightmare Before Christmas Roses in A Coffin

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Just in time for Halloween! Roseshire.com is coming out with this AMAZING collectors package. You are looking at TWENTY gorgeous roses WITH thistles in a Nightmare Before Christmas themed box … which happens to be a COFFIN. I’m dead.


In case you live behind a tombstone and don’t know, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a cult classic, with a die-hard following (including yours truly). So many people love the music, the story, the characters, and especially all the Jack and Sally themed merchandise! I bet you know AT LEAST one person who is obsessed with this movie.

That person NEEDS this rose and thistle bouquet and collector’s coffin box from Roseshire.com. It retails for $205, and ships overnight in the United States. The earliest it’s available is October 8th, which means your special someone could have it in their hands in plenty of time for Halloween!


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According to the Roseshire.com website, the “exclusive coffin shaped ensemble holds 20 roses and an exotic thistle that’s inspired by Sally and Jack Skellington from a scene in the movie. This collectors piece takes almost an hour to build from scratch, but is worth all time for the ultimate Nightmare experience!”

Not only that, but it comes with a Nightmare Before Christmas themed greeting card. It’s that extra touch of perfection that just seals the deal!

You must get this collectible while it’s available. Like Zero the dog and Halloween, it will disappear soon!

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