50 Things To Keep In Mind For Next Christmas…

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There are some things I forget about every single year when it comes to Christmas, but I’m determined to remember them for next year. I’m pretty sure they’re universal, too. Like that we all have someone in our family who tells inappropriate jokes around children. Or that grandma’s don’t always understand your sense of humor. Here are 50 Things To Keep In Mind For Next Christmas… No matter where you are this year, or what you’ve been through, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that if you didn’t – it’s okay…’cause it’s over now. Thank goodness.

it's just one day

50 Things To Keep In Mind For Next Christmas…

Heavy wrapping paper is worth it’s price in gold.

There is never enough tape.

A little spiked egg nog is good; a lot of spiked egg nog is a recipe for Christmas Eve disaster.

Moms don’t think wrapping their present in multiple boxes is as funny as you do.

One big present for kids seems like a great idea, until they start counting.

There are never enough bows.

There is always at least one present that has a two inch space that wrapping paper didn’t cover.

Cats will eat their way into a box that smells good enough.

Check for broken ornaments before the kids dig into the present pile.

I might need an engineering degree before I offer to wrap my dad’s presents again…

There is never enough tape.

It might seem like eating all the cookies is a great idea, but you will pay later.

Slow cooker breakfast saved my sanity.

slow cooker

Someone is always going to cry.

Oranges in the stocking seem like a great idea, but they will leak if something heavy is on top of them.

Naps are a must.

Kids apparently don’t like receiving underwear as a present.

The idea of eating dinner after all those cookies is a bit nauseating.

The word nauseating is a bit nauseating.

Buy stock in tape.

Glitter wrapping paper is the devil.

Neighbors will pay big bucks for batteries – so stock up.

Coffee is your friend.

coffee is your friend

Playing Monopoly on Christmas is a BAD idea.

My mom doesn’t know the term ‘ugly sweater’ and is insulted that I would insinuate that any of her clothes are ugly.

My mom’s cooking is always better than my cooking.

Football is still boring.

Kids get mean if they don’t have a nap.

Grandmas get mean if they don’t have a nap.

Everyone should take a nap.

It’s perfectly acceptable to bring your own ‘to go’ dishes to the family dinner.

Lego’s are the devil.

Someone’s toy is going to break.

If cats eat too much wrapping paper or ribbon, they will throw up.

cats and Christmas

Someone is going to be too hot and someone is going to be too cold.

Meltdowns are inevitable.

We all have that one relative who loves to tell embarrassing stories from when we were younger.

We all secretly hate that relative.

Grandpas smell like peppermint on Christmas.

Too much ham is not a thing.

Apparently offering people your Xanax and calling it a “Chill Pill” is considered rude.

Those same people are going to find you in an hour and beg you for one.

Brothers still give noogies at 42.

At least one kid is going to make themselves sick eating too much candy.

Bring extra gifts for people who show up unannounced.

Your love life is public fodder.

Offer to help with the dishes, or you’ll be gossiped about in the kitchen.

It’s okay to feel relief when you finally head home.

There’s a strange empty feeling once it’s all over.

Nothing feels better than finally climbing into bed on Christmas night.

relieved it's over

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  1. Agree on all points. Also, December 26 is actually the best day of the year. Leftovers (no cooking!) and everyone is occupied wth their new stuff. So peaceful!

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