You Can Get a Baby Yoda Mini Bluetooth Speaker and Have It I Must

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You may have noticed that Baby Yoda is pretty much taking over the world. This cute little guy has captured the heart of almost everyone I know.

I’m pretty sure he is probably the most popular little guy around right now.

Now you can rock out with him as your own personal sidekick with this Baby Yoda mini Bluetooth speaker.

You can sync 2 speakers together to really immerse yourself in your jam!

They are called “Bitty Boomers” and they are just the cutest things ever!

You’ll be able to get yourself one of the beloved “The Child” AKA “Baby Yoda” this Spring and they sell for only $19.99!

This tiny Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker was recently spotted at the New York Toy Fair and I can not wait until he is released to the public!

They will not be available until late April 2020. But, you can actually pre-order The Child Bitty Boomers now!

Credit: Bitty Boomers

“The Child” Bitty Boomers perfectly captures the cuteness of the Mandalorians sidekick!

The Bitty Boomers may be tiny, but they are also mighty on the sound! They can actually fit in your pocket! He is only about 2″ tall!

They can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device and have 4 hours + of music played on a single charge. They also come with a backpack clip and strap! They can even be used as a selfie remote! How cool is that?

Bitty Boomers have a TON of other characters to choose from as well. I think some of these would make great birthday presents for my kids! In fact, we are huge Hockey fans and they have team Bitty Boomers too!

Oh and check out this animatronic Baby Yoda that just came out! I have a mighty need!

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