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You Can Now Watch ‘Birds Of Prey’ For $6 And I Can’t Wait To Download It

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If you have been putting off watching Birds of Prey — you know, the Harley Quinn movie — now might be the perfect time to pop some popcorn, throw on your PJs, and purchase the movie to watch at home.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

When Birds of Prey first came to Video on Demand, it was the premiere price of $19.99.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

Now, just a few weeks later, the price has dropped to $5.99!


Not only that, it has taken the top spot on iTunes! It premiered at #2, so this jump is HUGE!


This just may have been a genius decision by the studio to make up a little of the money that it cost to make the movie.

Although, we might be witnessing the “New” way things are going to be done in the world of cinema. We will have to wait and see.

Trolls World Tour comes out this weekend, so we will have to watch what happens with this film.


It looks like the movie studios are clamoring to make the best decision during these uncertain times, and that might mean GREAT VOD news for us!


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