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You Can Turn Your Vintage Globe Into A Hanging Pendant Light That Looks Out Of This World

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Vintage Earth Globe pendant lights are a new super-cool artistic trend, and I am dying to try it!

globe pendant lights trend
Courtesy of Decor Home Ideas

Traditional globe pendant lights are made of blown glass and iron. They are really beautiful, but they aren’t as cool as Earth Globe pendant lights!

globe pendant light diy
Courtesy of Upcycled Wonders

You can totally get one of these cool lights off Etsy. They run about $145, and they have a bunch of different styles.


This option is great for people like ME, who TRY to be crafty, but it doesn’t always work.


If you have great faith in your crafting skills — first of all, I’m jealous — you can totally make your own Earth Globe Light, and customize it however you want.


To start, all you have to do is hit up your local thrift store, and get yourself an old globe of the Earth.


Then, you head on over to Walmart — or your local hardware store — and gather up an LED light bulb, a pendant light cord kit, a box cutter, a manual craft drill, and a bit of sandpaper.

Courtesy of thecarycottage on Instagram

Then head on over to YouTube. They have great DIY videos you can follow.

pendant light upcycle old globe

You can check out one of my favorite Earth Globe Pendant videos below!

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