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Zac Efron Living His Best Life In A Caravan In Australia, Is A Total Vibe

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Zac Efron is an entire vibe.

I’ve loved Zac Efron way back from his High School Musical days but he has since turned into one FINE, down to earth man and I’m feelin’ in.

I mean, did you see him in his Netflix Series? Yeah, I think I need to rewatch that.

He’s got the dad bod, the dad beard and he just has a total vibe I can get on board with.

Well, recently, he shared a new picture of him showing him living his best life in a caravan, in Australia and it’s giving me life.


Look, I’ve been stuck in quarantine for a year now so these little glimpses of the beauty in the outside world gives me glimmer of hope.


In case you didn’t know, Zac Efron has been living down under and has even gotten serious with a local girl (yes, he’s taken) but I am seriously so happy for him.


For a while he talked about wanting to live in Australia and it looks like he made that dream a reality.

I mean, can you blame him? America has been a mess for some time now.


So, let’s just take a moment to appreciate Zac and the fact that he is happy, living his best life in Australia.

I can’t wait until I can travel again! For now, I’ll live vicariously through Zac ha!


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