10 Times You Should Be The One

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You’re going to have to excuse my little ranty rant here, but I saw something the other day and it really stuck in my craw. I don’t actually know what that means, but that’s how upsetting it was. It was southern lady saying an expression that nobody actually understands upsetting. I was at the grocery store and a man at the end of my aisle grabbed a bag of cereal and in doing so knocked another one onto the floor. And then walked away. Now, I could be okay with that if he didn’t see it, but when it dropped, he looked at it, put the other bag in his cart, and turned the corner. Oh. Em. Gee. If you make a mess, clean it up. It’s not really that hard, right? I mean, we should have learned these things when we were kids. Here are 10 Times You Should Be The One to do…whatever.


10 Times You Should Be The One

1. If you make a mess…you should be the one to pick it up. Just lean down, pick it up, move along.

2. If you see a mess…you should be the one to pick it up. Or at least find someone who should. Don’t just walk past like it’s not your problem; it’s everyone’s problem.

3. If someone holds open a door for you…you should thank them. And smile.

4. If you see someone coming and you’re walking out a door…you should hold it open for them. And if they don’t thank you and smile, oh well. Don’t yell after them, that’s just ridiculous.

5. When you see a wandering child in a store…you should find someone who works at the store to make sure the child’s parents are located. It could be taken wrong if you go up to the child, but definitely don’t just walk by like nothing is happening.

lost child

6. If someone is hurt…help them. Don’t stare. Don’t record it with your phone. Say to them, “Hey? Are you okay? How can I help?”

7. If someone is hungry…feed them. Share your sandwich in the break room. You aren’t going to starve by only eating half a sandwich at lunch.

8. If someone needs a tampon…seriously, give them a freaking tampon. Keep spares in your purse. You never know when you’ll be the one who needs one. And guys, if your girl needs tampons…you better bring her tampons, and chocolate, and tell her she’s pretty, damn it.

9. When someone needs a hug…give them a hug. And don’t wait for them to ask. Maybe ask permission before you go in, but seriously, sometimes people just need a hug.

10. When there’s only one cupcake left…eat the cupcake. Sure, sure, I know you thought I was going to say leave it for someone else, but that’s just silly talk. Plus, I really like cupcakes.

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You know what else really sticks in my craw? I don’t think any of these should have to be said. They should be common courtesy and understood as part of a societal order. We live in the same world, people. Let’s start acting like one another matter! And please, if you’ve got something you feel should have been on this list…tell us about it in the comments below!

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  2. I think my kids have taken number 2 to heart. They don’t seem to be able to walk past any tiny bit of rubbish without picking it up. Except, for them it’s treasure! Great. I have a car-load of treasure.

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