A Baby’s Life Was Saved Using A Kentucky Safe Haven Baby Box

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A newborn in Kentucky this week was saved after an anonymous person dropped the baby off using a safe haven baby box.

Now, you may remember that a few years ago we told you all about a story in Indiana that was similar to this.

Courtesy of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

In that story, a student raised $10,000 to have the safe haven baby box installed and a baby was surrendered just days after it was installed.

Courtesy of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Well, according to reports, Kentucky has seen their first baby anonymously dropped off at one of its “baby box” safe surrender locations.

Courtesy of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

At a news conference Friday, Monica Kelsey (Safe Haven Baby Boxes founder and CEO) said the baby was dropped off within the last seven days at a Bowling Green Fire Department location.

“This baby is healthy. This baby is beautiful. This baby is perfect,” said Kelsey, who added that officials are now looking to place the child in “a forever home.”

Monica Kelsey

She didn’t give additional details in order to protect the child and others involved.

Courtesy of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

She did say that fire department staff was able to tend to the child in less than 90 seconds.

This is simply because, as soon as the box is opened, a silent alarm goes off alerting fire department staff to tend to the child.

Courtesy of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

While it’s sad that these types of things have to exist, it is so much better than having someone who does not want their baby harm them or themselves.

I am so glad that these boxes were invented and even more glad these babies are well-taken care of and off to find their forever homes.

You can watch how the safe haven baby box works below.

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