Avril Lavigne And Tyga Were Just Seen Kissing In Paris and People Are Freaking Out

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It’s no surprise that in the heart of one of the most romantic cities, another celebrity couple might have potentially caught the lovebug.  

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Most recently, Avril Lavigne and Tyga were spotted locking lips outside a party at Paris Fashion Week.

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And if you’re thinking the two are definitely a couple, you may be right or you could be wrong because according to a source that recently told PEOPLE, the two have not yet confirmed a relationship status. 

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“Tyga and Avril are getting to know each other,” a source recently explained to PEOPLE. “It’s very new. It’s very casual.”

Source who told PEOPLE
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So while the two have not yet confirmed a relationship, they definitely have chemistry. 

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However, Avril and Tyga were also photographed arriving with one another at a second party in Paris hosted by Leonardo DiCapri. 

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And as we all know, Avril and her ex-fiancé have called off the wedding and their relationship according to an insider who also told PEOPLE

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“Avril and Mod Sun have been on and off for the past two months, but are no longer together as a couple,” the insider stated. 

Insider who told PEOPLE
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Fans of the two are totally freaking out. Only time will tell what their relationship status will be…

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